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"Only the intelligence of love and compassion can solve all problems of life"

The greatest wealth is health

"Integrative healing modalities can work miracles"

the body achieves what the mind believes

"Life opens up in many ways when your energy is awakened"

Wellness Gala

Balance your Life

Our company aspires to introduce, bring awareness and educate the public about the benefits of holistic and integrative healing practices that can be used to bring wellness into your everyday life. Our goal is to inform people everywhere that these modalities are legitimate options that can help any type of physical, emotional, mental or spiritual issues or concerns. We aim to accomplish this mission through Wellness Gala events, providing an easy to use Holistic and Wellness practitioner and vendor directory, Wellness subscriber and membership opportunities, event planning, and even business and marketing consultation.

A Wellness Gala™ event has established itself as a unique Gala that provides attendees the opportunity to experience the special gifts of a select group of experts in the fields of health, beauty and wellness. Check our event page for a Gala near you!


Take Care of Yourself Series

3/31 - 5/16

During this trying time the Wellness Gala is bringing you a new complimentary video series that features experts in the field of health, beauty, wellness, fitness and many more.

Some of the topics covered during this series will include: tai chi, yoga, nutritional counseling, numerology, spiritual guidance, anti-aging, stress management and much more .

Click here to visit our Events page to see the full list.


Attend our latest free event

Experience Experts in the Fields of Health, Beauty and Wellness through Mini-Sessions, Workshops and Speakers

Sunday June 28th 1:00-6:00pm at the Knoll Country Club in Boonton, NJ


Hear what everyone is saying about our events.

"My working with Deb Peterson at her June 23 Wellness Gala left me with a feeling of much admiration and thanks for her efficiency and ability to bring together a group of people who created an energy field to work in that left me feeling energized and fulfilled."

Bernie Siegel, MD

"I cannot say enough good things about today's Wellness Gala. I thought I would go in for an hour or so and get a massage and maybe buy some essential oils or something and then go on with my day. I ended up staying for four hours instead! There was just so much to experience that I didn't want to leave. There was even a wine and cheese reception and an amazing cabaret show at the end. This was a real treat. Thank you so much!"

Mary Bernstien, Short Hills, N.J

"A Wellness Gala, was great place to learn about a variety of practitioners and their modalities. The access to try different treatments all in one place was amazing. This was all presented in a professional and elegant atmosphere which made the entire experience very enjoyable."

Aaron Eisenberg, Morristown, NJ


"A revolution in holistic health education. Ms. Peterson's Wellness Galas combine practical learning with first rate entertainment to produce an experience where mind, body and spirit really come together."

Dr. Robert Kandarjian, Ridgefield, N.J.

"This event was unlike any wellness fair I have ever attended. It was top notch all the way. Restful, rejuvenating,and exciting. A refreshing change from the Helter Skelter atmosphere I expected."

Carol Pierce, Morris, NJ